When a foreign journalist does more to help typhoon victims than their own president, you know something is wrong. In a third world country, a calamity the scale of Typhoon Haiyan would have devastating results – and it did. The scenes in the cities hardest hit by the typhoon were so moving that in less […]

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How Not to React to a Tragedy

Typhoon Hainan was the natural disaster, but the response different individuals and institutions made in the aftermath was the tragedy. It’s time we made that clear. The storm surge that wiped out coastal communities was bad, the fact that majority of the victims came from the lowest-income bracket made it even worse but the social […]

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Just like the LA Lakers batch of 2002, the country’s flagship airport the Ninoy Aquino International Airport completed its’ own three-peat of sorts – albeit one which is undesirable. For the third straight year, the NAIA Terminal 1 has attained the title of the ‘World’s worst airport’. In a self-deprecating manner, Filipinos tried to inject […]

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