A Lesson from the Superpower

While most people are either mourning the deaths of the recent earthquake in the Philippines, or being anxious for the unveiling of the new iPad in a week’s time, they become oblivious that the most rational emotion to feel right now is to worry. Why worry? October 17 is a date that looms, while that […]

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Change Has Come to the World

After months of career defining victories against iconic rivals such as the wife of a former US President and a powerful ex-POW US Senator, Barack Obama finally delivered the final touch of his struggle to the White House with a dragon slaying victory over John McCain. In his acceptance speech Obama claims that the change […]

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It’s Obama

The Democratic Nomination has come to an end, and the mouse wins over the cat. Barack Obama, the first black presidential candidate in U.S. history, won a huge victory over rival Hillary Clinton. Obama not only ended the said nomination, but he ended the decades-long racist stereotype the world thinks of Americans. The image of […]

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