MalacaƱang Globetrotters

At a time when an energy crisis, swine flu and expensive airfares make world travel difficult, a team of globetrotters defy the odds and travel at a regular basis. As President Arroyo reaches the twilight of her tenure as chief executive, she plans to take advantage of her remaining months by going on different trips. […]

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The Gonzalez Factor

The Department of Justice (DOJ) secretary successfully brings Mancao home, and has Dumlao on his way back home. That’s a double score for Raul Gonzalez. And definitely would give him plus points to the President. But the most unexpected happened, Gonzalez announces his resignation as justice secretary and plans to run for congress in his […]

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Invasion by Proxy

First it was granted autonomy, now its on the verge of independence. Does the government really know what they’re doing or is this just the beginning of another sell-out of a Philippine territory? You may have heard the fuzz about the signing of the Malaysian-brokered peace deal between the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation […]

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