The Roy Cimatu-Carlos Dominguez Link to the Oligarchy

As if Gina Lopez’s rejection as Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Secretary was not painful enough, President Duterte landed a bigger blow to progressive ideals by appointing a retired military general with a chequered history to replace her.

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Let Them Have Housing

After weeks of uncertainty, President Rodrigo Duterte has made a definitive statement regarding the occupation of government housing units by activist group KADAMAY. True to his roots as a left-leaning politico, he declared that the urban poor who stormed the houses should be allowed to stay despite an eviction notice being served prior.

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Farewell, Mike Sueño

With less than a year in office, President Rodrigo Duterte has already sacked a high-ranking Cabinet official of his administration. Interior and local government (DILG) honcho, Ismael “Mike” Sueño was axed from his post due to the President having a “lack of confidence” and a “lack of trust” in his ability to serve. 

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Happy Birthday, President Duterte

They say as you get older, you get better. At 72 years old, you should be a stellar role model to your contemporaries. You should be one of the most responsible, most tactful and wisest individual among your peers at that age. President Rodrigo Duterte turns 72 today, yet he doesn’t resemble anything like a wise Solomon. […]

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No More Mr. Tough Guy?

President Rodrigo Duterte is known worldwide for his no-holds barred, tough-talking persona. He ordered his police force to show no mercy to drug dealers, he tells his military to be relentless against insurgents and even threatened corrupt members of the bureaucracy with death if they do not straighten up. Now, all that tough-talking seems to […]

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Where’s the Jet ski?

One of the most memorable lines during last year’s Philippine Presidential Debates was when the eventual winner, Rodrigo Duterte, pledged to ride a jet ski to confront intruding Chinese vessels in the Spratlys and plant a Philippine flag on the disputed islands. The answer was odd and quite comical, but generated applause from his faithful […]

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Whose Side is He On?

Like a hero from an action movie, Rodrigo Duterte took the mantle of a crusader against illegal narcotics and corrupt politicians during the 2016 Presidential Elections. He portrayed himself as the savior who can rid the country of these ills, a “strongman” who could get the job done. It is nine months into his administration and […]

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A Battle of Two Evils

After a highly-publicized Senate investigation and many months of political mudslinging, the saga between President Rodrigo Duterte and Senator Leila de Lima entered a climactic turn with the arrest of the latter.

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