“Bato” Redeems Himself

In light of the scandal engulfing the Philippine National Police (PNP), the chief of the force – Roland “Bato” dela Rosa – has suspended the infamous “War on Drugs”. In lieu of drug addicts, Bato has vowed to go after the true enemy. The Duterte administration has long been chastised for leading “a war against […]

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Time to replace Bato dela Rosa?

It’s important to have trust in the people you have¬†appointed to do important tasks, if they have become incompetent or ineffectual in their responsibilities then a replacement is in order. President Rodrigo Duterte should keep that in mind with regards to his chief implementer of the drive against illegal narcotics – Philippine Police chief Ronald […]

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Duterte’s Police Chief – a Clown?

With the revelation of high-ranking police officers involved in illegal activities such as kidnapping and the President, himself admitting that he may take “drastic measures” to tackle the drug problem one cannot help but ask if the Philippine National Police still have control over the many problems ailing the country. A corruption-ridden, ineffective police force […]

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