Tragedy of Flight MH17 Brings Back Memories of KAL007

I woke up this morning to news that another Malaysian Airlines flight failed to reach it’s destination. Flight MH17 blew up into pieces in mid-air while flying over a conflict zone in Eastern Ukraine near the major city of Donetsk. All passengers and crew, numbering to 298 people, had perished. The bulk of the passengers were […]

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A Vain Society

Never before in history has vanity become a big focus in our society than in this current generation. This time that we live in is the generation of selfies, a camera shot where the sole subject matter is the person taking it. This is the generation of reality television, where individuals allow millions of people to […]

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Leftist Double Standards

It is always said that the Winter Olympics is a mere supporting act for the actual main event – it’s Summer version. The ratings would agree, and up until this year the media buzz supported that notion too. The winter games have never been given the same fanfare as the summer one. But this year […]

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Blazing Georgia

After a Georgian attack aimed at reclaiming the breakaway region of South Ossetia, Russia considered it an attack into their sovereign territory, considering that 2/3 of the South Ossetian population have Russian passports. However, the Russians weren’t contented of just driving them away and even sent their troops into Georgian territory and now Georgia is […]

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Ready to Stand Up and to Step Up

It has been years now since Iran revealed its ambition to nuclear power. And for the same duration as well the West has constantly been pressuring the Islamic country to surrender its goal, offering them different incentive packages. When the Iranians refused the offer, they used the so-called “hard way” and slapped different sanctions ranging […]

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