Three people for an Island

How messed up can this be? First, terrorists see somekind of market value on Red Cross volunteers so they kidnap them. Second, a Red Cross head acts like a military general. Then more recently, the geniuses acting as negotiators thought it would be best to surrender an entire island, valued for its rich agricultural reserves, […]

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The Spirit that Lived On

After 26 years of incarceration, all remaining ten of the 14 soldiers convicted for the Aquino-Galman double murder case have been released after their sentences were communed by the President. Much to the disappointment of the Aquino family and Ninoy Aquino supporters all over the world. For them, it was Arroyo’s way of getting back […]

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Trackless Trains

To solve the overcrowding problem in Light Railway Transit (LRT) coaches, the LRTA (LRT Authority) purchased $81M worth of trains. That’s 48 train wagons at $1.7M, a reasonable price. Now, the LRT which used to suffer serving 48,000 passengers a day can now accommodate 500,000 passengers with ease. Problem solved right? Well, not quite. Since […]

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Corrupting the World Bank

Tarnishing the image of the country anew, the World Bank recently discovered an anomaly in a road project bidding. The said bidding was allegedly rigged. Just another discouragement to foreign and local lenders who would have been interested in investing in development projects in the Philippines. In addition, the bank blacklisted seven companies, three local […]

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Blogger-activists suspended from school

In local news, the Quezon City Science High School (QCSHS) have suspended four student-bloggers who criticized their school’s principal in their blog. The principal has also ordered the closing of two of the school’s publications, Electron and Banyuhay. The blog contained articles and photos of the school principal’s policies about irregular lunch hours and required […]

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Will NEDA secretary Recto prioritize the AFP modernization program as promised?

Clearly our military modernization program has been neglected. Each year the government only allocates P5 billion for the program, not even enough to buy a squadron of second hand F-16 Fighting Falcons, the world’s top multirole fighter jet. Last year, President Arroyo declared the budget balance of the AFP to be at P 1.28 billion. […]

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Too soft?

In recent news, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) is again marred by a ontroversy, a bribery one. PDEA agents caught three alleged drug users and drug dealers in a buy bust operation. The three were: Jorge Jordana Joseph, son of iconic radio commentator Johnny Joseph or more popularly known as Johnny Midnight; Joseph Tecson […]

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