Condoms for Students

The Department of Health’s campaign to distribute free condoms in public high schools has been criticized as one might expect in a conservative country like the Philippines, with attacks coming from both the church and in politics. The Catholic Church predictably lambasted the move, with the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) saying it […]

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The Arrogance of Tito Sotto

You can usually point out the arrogant person in the room, these people share a common trait: in that they feel superior over their peers for a reason only known to them. One does not need to be in the same room as Senator Tito Sotto to bear witness to his sheer arrogance, of which […]

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The Scapegoat

It has been three months and yet the enmity felt by the public towards the immorality of the Priority Development Assistance Fund, informally called the ‘pork barrel’, has not abated. The rage against the misuse of the ‘pork’ as well as the disgraced politicos and private individuals involved in the so-called ‘mother of all scams’ […]

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